Design Strategy

Knowing how your product strategy aligns with customer needs is critical to successfully meeting business goals. Communicating these needs as a core part of the product strategy increases customer satisfaction, focuses initiatives, guides decision making, and aligns teams.

Over time the product strategy and customer needs can become misaligned as the product evolves and teams change. As a result, product teams prioritize the wrong features, leading to design churn and missed KPIs.

We work with you to refocus product strategies on customer needs and goals. Using outputs from customer research, we align customer insights with your business goals, help define and prioritize new features that solve customer needs, and set a foundation for a new user experience.

If you’re interested in designing a digital product that solves your customer’s needs and more effectively communicates your offering, we would love to talk.

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Customer Insights Mapping

We create customer visualizations to build empathy, align cross-functional teams and communicate how a product can best meet customer needs.

  • Customer journey maps
  • Experience maps
  • Empathy maps
  • Service blueprints
  • Persona creation


Feature Definition & Prioritization

We refine user needs into features and help prioritize those features against your business goals, engineering capabilities and design efforts.

  • Problem framing
  • User stories
  • User journeys


Experience Alignment

We help create a shared experience vision and provide a framework to communicate feedback during the product design process.

  • Competitive feature analysis
  • Experience principles

Product strategy is one aspect of creating digital experiences customers love. Learn how our expertise in 
design researchuser experience design, and product design can also benefit your digital product.

What Our Clients Say

The Everyday team were our partners in design research & UX design. They helped us uncover customer insights that guided the design for our apps and web experiences.”

Xiaodi Zhang

Chief Product officer at 1stdibs

Everyday understands what their clients are trying to do, so they get excited about how they might help. As an entrepreneur, it’s not often that people ‘get it’. They did.”

Tom Furr
CEO At PatientPay

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