Product Strategy Diagnostic

Our Product Strategy Diagnostic is a structured evaluation of your product to help identify experience enhancements and new feature opportunities for the continued growth of the product. Working with our team, you’ll achieve:

  • Strategic alignment: We review the experience through the lenses of the design strategy and UX vision to ensure it is on track with your team’s goals. We help adapt and refine the design strategy as needed to ensure consistency. 
  • Reduced user learning curves: We identify friction areas that can be addressed to improve users’ first-time experience with your product.
  • Clear product direction: We work with you to distill identified opportunities into immediate improvements and roadmap features that will build on the experience over time.

In our diagnostic process, multiple team members from Everyday Industries review the product experience and all system components – whether fully digital, a connected device with a companion app, or a product/service system. Looking at the end-to-end experience, we provide a comprehensive view of opportunities that enable the product team to plan the next steps confidently. The diagnostic includes the following services:

Immersion & Audit: We step through each phase of the product experience from different use scenarios and document with screenshots, contextual photos, and notes on critical moments and experience elements. 

Findings Review: We synthesize findings into themes directly connected to where the product aligns and misaligns with product strategy or presents moments of delight and friction within the user experience. Insights include:

  • Opportunity areas.
  • Recommendations on UX improvements.
  • Potential usability flags to remedy or explore further through user research. 

Visioning Workshop: We hold a collaborative workshop to refine the product strategy and brainstorm near- and long-term opportunities to achieve the product vision. 

If your product could benefit from an expert perspective and guidance on user experience alignment, contact us to learn more about how our Product Strategy Diagnostic could work for you.


The UX thinking they have brought to our process has helped us prioritize the things we know are important to our members. As a result, our overall site experience has improved significantly since we brought them on board!”

Callie Depina
Head of Member Experience at ButcherBox