Vision & Experience Strategy

Creating a product vision & experience strategy ensures your product aligns with the needs and preferences of your target customers. It also lays a strong foundation of shared understanding among stakeholders of the goals for the user experience, helping focus the design and decision-making processes. In working with our team, you will establish the following:

  • Customer-centric product vision: We help you develop a clear and compelling vision for the product or service based on customer needs and business objectives.
  • Defined experience principles: We conduct workshops with your team to generate experience principles that will guide product decisions, improve communication, and advance decision-making.
  • Stakeholder alignment: We create documentation and facilitate discussions with key stakeholders to ensure everyone is aligned around the product vision and understands the user experience requirements that will drive the product’s success.

Our process gathers a perspective from your entire team to surface where the goals for the user experience overlap, diverge, and/or need more definition. We then guide your team to define the product vision, experience principles, key features, and functionality collaboratively. Product Vision & Experience Strategy includes the following services:

Strategy workshop: We hold a workshop with your team to discuss the business goals, product features and/or roadmap, current product strategy and any points of friction in your process. 

Stakeholder interviews: We conduct interviews with internal stakeholders to understand the opportunities for the product and vision moving forward.

Experience principles definition: We lead your team in an experience principles exercise, collaboratively generating clear and directional statements that reflect the product’s intended experience for your users. 

Vision & Experience Strategy documentation: We create a synthesized document of strategy components, including a UX vision statement, experience principles and design guidelines for the product’s core features and functionality. We review the document with your team to make refinements that best reflect the product goals and can serve as a tool for ongoing reference.

If you are creating a new product or feature, or your team struggles with decision-making for your current product, let us help you create a collaborative and strategic vision that provides clarity and value for your customers, reduces design and engineering churn, and builds momentum with your team.

Client Experience

We’ve worked with Everyday since we started Zola, and they have the most talented design researchers and UX designers that I know. Their ability to analyze and synthesize a problem to deliver a thoughtful, user-centric design solution is invaluable. They are straight up awesome.”

Nobu Nakaguchi
Chief Design Officer & Co-founder at zola