How to Build the Foundation for a Much-Loved Digital Product

By Thomas DiNatale
October 27, 2021

Designing a digital product is like designing a house: before you start drawing wireframes or sketching floor plans, you must know your customer’s needs. Understanding their needs is critical for laying a solid foundation for your product. Otherwise, everything will fall apart. Once you support that strong foundation, you’ll have the opportunity to add new features, rebuild existing ones, and evolve others.

Unlike building a house, though, designing a digital product doesn’t come with blueprints. Instead, digital products evolve, and you must keep coming back to your customer’s needs to ensure the foundation of your product is still providing value.  

There are best practices to ensure your product’s foundation is stable and secure. And because of that groundwork, you can make better design decisions, grow your product, increase conversions, and even see better team alignment. 

In this white paper, you’ll learn five strategies to lay a solid foundation for your product. We’ll tell you: 

  • Why forming a customer-focused foundation is an imperative
  • How to use competitive analysis to define your table stakes
  • What it means to define a UX differentiator
  • Why a ‘sparkle moment’ makes for a richer experience
  • …and more.