4 Steps To a Powerful Qualitative Test (Plus Expert-Level Tips)

By Allison Sall
July 19, 2022

Quantitative data gets a lot of hype, and for a good reason. Without it, you don’t get nuts-and-bolts metrics like your conversion rate, daily active users, lifetime value, or average order value.

But to design your best product, you need to get the complete picture.

Qualitative research is the why and how behind the numbers. It tells you why your users converted at that particular moment in time. It provides insights into how your users feel when they use your product day after day and why they decide to leave.

If quantitative data is the melody, qualitative insights are the rhythm. In concert, they can make your product rock.

You already have your quantitative data methods. But where do you start with qualitative testing? It’s easier — and more fun — than you think. 

Download our guide to powerful qualitative testing and get a better understanding of your product.