A website redesign focused on the patient experience to increase conversion

Alloy is a menopause telehealth company founded to provide women going through menopause with education, care, and life-changing prescription medication. As they expanded their offerings to include treatments for skin, gut, and sexual health, their original user flow became convoluted, and difficult for patients to understand what was offered.

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What We Did

  • UX design
  • Usability testing
  • Digital product design
  • Product definition
  • Visual design
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Project Type

  • Telehealth
  • Health & Wellness

Project Date

  • 2023 - Ongoing
We redesigned the homepage to highlight the symptoms that Alloy addresses and to clearly explain the process for obtaining prescription medication.

Rethinking the flow

Enhancing Clarity and Education to Streamline the Patient Experience

We collaborated with the Alloy team to redesign the entire patient experience, focusing on clarity, education, and a seamless user experience. Through research, we discovered that patients were spending significant time messaging doctors to understand the available treatments. To address this, we created a more visual flow that prioritized treatment education from the homepage throughout the medical intake process. This approach aligns with the principles we discussed in our article, “Beyond Transactions: Designing Care into Consumer Telehealth Experiences“, where we emphasize the importance of incorporating care and education into the design of telehealth platforms to improve patient experiences and outcomes.

The navigation now focuses on the different product categories, providing users with a more comprehensive and visual overview of Alloy's offerings.

Optimizing Navigation to Clarify Alloy’s Prescription Medication

Usability testing revealed that users were not immediately aware that the treatments were prescription medications. We updated the navigation to expose the different treatment categories and prioritized medicine bottles over lifestyle imagery. These changes helped users understand what Alloy offers. The homepage and landing pages were redesigned to explain the different treatments, the evidence behind them, and how they are used.

We updated the product imagery to feature bottles, reinforcing the available treatment options.

Streamlining the Intake

We rethought the intake process to cater to both women who knew what they wanted and those who needed more information and guidance. We introduced a flow where users could select the treatments they were interested in or choose “I’m not sure” if they needed more assistance from the doctor.

The intake flow now includes a new screen displaying the different treatments and an option to let the doctor decide on the most appropriate treatment.

Clarifying the Role of the Doctor

Users were initially confused about the doctor consultation, and it wasn’t immediately clear that they would have access to a medical doctor specializing in menopause. Throughout the flow, we emphasized the doctor consultation, explaining the overall process and how the consultation is an integral part of reviewing their medical history and prescribing treatments.


The redesign of Alloy Health’s patient experience yielded significant improvements

Doubled Conversion Rates: The optimized landing pages led to a remarkable 100% increase in conversion rates, indicating higher patient engagement and treatment initiation.

Improved Patient Education: The streamlined intake flow and new orientation pages effectively educated patients about their treatment options and the value of the doctor consultation, resulting in better-informed decisions and increased patient satisfaction.

Increased Engagement: The intake process’s mobile-friendly design made it more convenient for patients to complete, leading to higher engagement rates and reduced drop-offs.

Alloy Health’s successful redesign of its patient experience showcases the importance of user-centric design in the healthcare industry. By addressing key challenges and streamlining the patient journey, Alloy Health improved conversion rates, patient education, engagement, and treatment adherence, ultimately driving business growth and enhancing patient care.

Working with Everyday Industries has been a game changer for Alloy Health. From absorbing and analyzing our complex user flow, to navigating our upgrade needs, to working seamlessly and productively with our team, Everyday has been a delight to work with and brought meaningful change and value to our entire user experience.